In Memory of Rollo (3/20/08 – 7/3/19)

Rollo_DSCN0012 (1)

All pets are precious, though some stand out more than others. Rollo was one of those who stood out. He was sweet, playful, mischievous, affectionate, bright, photogenic, a charmer, lover and the boss. He was one cool cat.
We had to put Rollo down yesterday. He’d been sick for the past six months but he fought the good fight and medications worked for most of that time providing a good quality of life and keeping him healthy and happy. But the dreaded illness finally won out. He was only eleven years old, but in that time which now feels way too short he gave my wife and I a lifetime of pleasure and left us with beautiful memories to look back on. We’ll never forget him.

Happy New Year

2017 was a year of personal highs and lows, so I am happy to see it leave and never return. Most recently, we lost one of our cats, Andre. He was only ten years old. Later that same day, we lost our electric for a couple of hours. The lights dimming seemed appropriate.

The electric came back on, but our Wi-fi, cable and land line phone did not. It took five days for a technician to come to our rescue. Yesterday, was my first day back online. It’s amazing how much these days we have come to depend on the web for so many things.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone who stops by, taking a few minutes of their time to visit, a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year. Thank you, it’s appreciated.

Below are a few photos of our beloved Andre.




Andre is Writing Again

DLM Andre PC-002Andre is back once again at my laptop pounding on the keys. I can only hope he is not writing his memoirs. If he is, I am in deep trouble!

While you are waiting for Andre’s tell all book to be published , you can check out Devious Tales available now at Amazon.