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Ten exciting dark and twisted tales are included in this short story collection: Murder, revenge, betrayal, seduction, deceit, past lives, and loneliness are all on the table.


John Greco’s latest short story collection is utterly marvelous. Wry humor and realistic dialog keeping these gems moving along, one is hooked before one is halfway through the fantastic first offering, “The New Wave Church.” An essential purchase! – Sam Juliano III – Author of “Paradise Atop the Hudson.”

John Greco has written ten more entertaining and devilish stories in this fast-moving collection. His voice is unique and nourish, and his characters are all diabolical and scheming. Short, fun and fiendish. Joseph Souza – author of The Perfect Daughter.

The Late Show Kindlw Cover-004


Eight dark short stories all with two things in common – Movies and Malice! Murder, revenge, greed and more are now playing.


Available from Amazon and Smashwords 



“In his third published compilation, The Late Show, John has mined his passion for film in a taunt, page-turning collection of eight short stories inspired by classic cinema and reminiscent of the golden age of television (e.g., Alfred Hitchcock Presents) and the gritty carousel of 40s and 50s crime comics…All the tales are infused with suspense, tempered with notes of malice and refined with a pinch of humor and hints of irony.” – Pamela Lowe Saldana author of A Blooding in the Oil Patch and Blogger at All Things Thriller.

“John Greco has combined his love of cinema with his penchant for dark noir in this entertaining collection of short stories. They’re short and nasty, and the pages are filled with film-loving souls with bad motives…. these are fun, nasty reads that will have you turning the pages”.  – Joseph Souza Author of Pray for the Girl and the forthcoming, The Perfect Daughter.

“In The Late Show author John Greco shares with readers a love of movies and crime stories. Like his previous anthology, Bitter Ends  this one has a number of twisty noir yarns of the hard-boiled kind.”  – D.H. Schleicher  author of And Then We Vanish and Then Came Darkness

“The Late Show and Other Tale of Celluloid Malice” offers readers a shadowy world where eight tales of crime and horror share a tantalizing link — there is in each of them a hint, or taste, or even an obsession with movies.
Some of the stories have an ironic, Hitchcockian sense of humor to them, some have a surprise ending, and all are geared to fans of crime fiction who also have a familiarity with the pop culture world of film, especially classic film. – Jacqueline T. Lynch author  of  The Double V Mysteries series and Ann Blythe: Actress, Singer, Star

Make it Write Book Cover Final2r-003


George Jensen made it to the top of the best seller’s list with his novel “The Final Ending.” He should be on top of the world, instead, his world is spiraling out of control. He needs to “Make it Write.”

Available as an ebook from Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords



“Another great story by John Greco. This one reads like a Twilight Zone episode. Every author can relate to this creepy story. And what a twisty ending.” – Joseph Souza author of Pray for the Girl and The Neighbor

   Bitter Ends2-009


Twenty short tales of murder, revenge, greed, love gone wrong and other mayhem along with a couple of more charming tale tossed in – all with a twist!


Available  from Amazon, Barnes and Nobland Kobo



“Greco has written an intriguing collection of quick, quirky short stories that deal with infidelity and revenge. They read fast and furious. The author has a good eye for dialogue and setting, and keeps all plots moving at lightning speed. Addictive and fun, in a dark sort of way, the endings are not all bitter, depending on whose side you take.”                                                                                                      – Joseph Souza author of The Neighbor and Pray for the Girl 

“John Greco’s short story collection, Bitter Ends, is jam-packed with quick, nasty little numbers full of cheating and murdering spouses and twisty turns of fate.”                                                                                                      – D.H. Schleicher  author of Then Came Darkness


Devious Tales Book Cover - Final (1 of 1)-001A collection of twelve dark short stories about revenge, lust, love, money and murder with a twist.

Available from Amazon as an e-book and as a paperback.

Available from Barnes & Noble as an e-book  and  as a paperback.

Available from Kobo (e-book)



“John Greco’s stories delve into the dark side of human nature. What makes his stories particularly striking is that his characters (devious, at times creepy and horrendous) are also quite ordinary people who remind us that we too have a lot in common with them.” – Carol Balawyder author of Getting Mr. Right

“With a decidedly noir streak and some very surprising endings, this book of dark tales will intrigue and fascinate fans of mysteries.” – Jacqueline T. Lynch author of Ann Blyth Actress, Singer, Star and Comedy and Tragedy on the Mountain 

“With finely drawn characters who leap from the page as living, breathing people you might see in your neighbourhood? Do you like getting inside the heads of these characters? Does the one-two punch of an unexpected twist, or even an expected twist, make you set aside a book with a satisfied smile? Okay. You are looking for John Greco’s Devious Tales.” Patricia Nolan-Hall – Blogger at Caftan Woman



 Two short stories of revenge and murder. Available  from Amazon and Kobo  



  • “The two short crime stories in this book read like hardboiled fiction. Like any good short story both stories in Murder with a Twist are tightly written and we jump into the action right away. Both stories were written from a woman’s point of view and whether in the first person view point (Salt Free) or the third person point of view (The Green Light) John Greco accurately portrayed the mindset of, in one case, a woman cheated by her husband and in the other a women using sex to get what she wants. I found the twists at the end of both stories to be surprising and satisfying. I’m hoping that these two stories are the beginning of a larger collection of stories by this author.”  – Carol Balawyder  author of Getting Mr. Right.

4 thoughts on “My Fiction Books

  1. Hey John. Just got Devious Tales. I think I’m going to start out with “Smart Like Dillinger”. I’ve got a thing for Depression era gangsters. I’ll probably jump around in it, but I’ll happily read it all!

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  2. So John, just finished up Devious Tales. Very nice! You mentioned before that you wrote the stories with “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” in mind and yes, I can feel the influence. I particularly enjoyed “Amanda”. The climax was very clever. The same with “Salt Free Diet”: A very tight, humorous and dark little gem. Oh and “Smart Like Dillinger” is definitely in my wheelhouse–I’ve got a thing for Bonnie and Clyde. They had a suicide pact as you probably know. Anyway, the story rings true, but it’s dark.

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    1. Thanks Pam! Glad you enjoyed it. “Amanda” is one of my own personal favorites. Maybe it’s the photographer thing in the story.

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