List Of All Short Stories



A Marriage to Die For Bitter Ends
A Merry Little Christmas Devious Tales
About to Die Bitter Ends
Amanda Devious Tales
An Almost Perfect Woman Devious Tales
An Anniversary Surprise Devious Tales
An Office Romance Devious Tales
Anything For Art Bitter Ends
The Arrangement Bitter Ends
Assisted Living Bitter Ends
Benny and Slaughter Bitter Ends
The Best Sex Ever Bitter Ends
The Bombay Hook Incident

Brotherly Love

A Million and One Magazine

Bitter Ends

Call Waiting Devious Tales
The Confession Bitter Ends
Divorce is Not an Option Bitter Ends
Ellie’s Cats Bitter Ends
Good For Nothing Bitter Ends
The Green Light Murder With a Twist
Holcomb Bridge Devious Tales
Izzy Bitter Ends
Killer Smile Bitter Ends
Late Night Diner Devious Tales
Life Lesson Devious Tales
Make it Write

Never Look Back

Make it Write: A Short Story

Bitter Ends

The Neighbors Bitter Ends
No One’s to Blame Bitter Ends
The Old Man Devious Tales
The Organic Garden Devious Tales
The Promotion Bitter Ends
Salt Free Diet Murder With a Twist
Smart Like Dillinger Devious Tales
We All Got What We Wanted Bitter Ends
Your Perfect Match Bitter Ends

Bitter Ends is available on Amazon as both a paperback and eBook.

Devious Tales is available at Barnes and Noble as both a paperback and eBook

Make it Write is available on Amazon and Kobo as an eBook.

Murder with a Twist is available on Amazon and Kobo as an eBook.