Egret in Black and White

I photographed this egret at a nearby rookery a few years back and never did anything with it. Like so many photos, as you continue to shoot more and more, older works sometimes get buried and forgotten about. Originally shot in color, I finally decided it worked better as a black and white. Here is the final results.

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Egret in Black and White CW (1 of 1)

Sarasota National Cemetery

sarasota-natl-cemenatry3-cw-1-of-1Back in January, we drove down to Sarasota to visit two local parks, Myakka River State Park and the Oscar Scherer State Park. Driving along State Rd. 72 on our way to Myakka, we passed by the Sarasota National Cemetery, 295 acres run by the Department of Veteran Affairs. We stopped and I  took a few photos.

The cemetery is less than ten years old. Groundbreaking began in 2008 and the first burials occurred in 2009. Among the more than 15,000 buried there are Florida native, Rick Casares, Korean War Veteran, and professional football player in the 1950’s and 60’s. Casares played for both the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins in the NFL and the Miami Dolphins, then part  of the AFL.  Also buried there is Hal White, a World War II U.S. Navy Veteran who saw action in the Pacific, and was a major league pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Browns and St. Louis Cardinals.















Gator – Head Shot


This up close and personal shot of a Florida alligator was taken during a recent overnight trip to Sarasota. Used my 18-300mm lens (focal length was 210, shutter 1/320 and lens opening at f/13) during a boat ride at Myakka State Park. This dude came close enough  to our boat to  capture this image.

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Henry B. Plant Museum and Univ. of Tampa

A few photos I took last week while we (my wife and I) were in Tampa. I was standing on the Kennedy Blvd. Bridge for the first shot. That’s Riverwalk on the right and in the middle, behind the Hillsborough River, is part of the University of Tampa campus, including the Henry. B  Plant Museum, formerly the historic Tampa Bay Hotel.





Book Review: Oh, Florida!


A must read for anyone thinking of moving to Florida. You just might have second thoughts! Author Craig Pittman (Tampa Bay Times) writes in a breezy informative style that is as engaging as it is funny. The sad, or scary part, is everything he writes about is true. It all happened. No exaggeration needed. From teachers who have had sex with their students, remember Debra Lefave, a sexy blonde bombshell,  being the most prominent to crazies like a woman who thought riding a Manatee, an endangered species,   as if it were a surf board would be a sane thing to do. Of course the state is loaded with crazy politicians. Now most states have a weird politician or two, but Florida seems to be growing them like oranges including the only Mayor to ever be over thrown in a military coup.  We also meet Old Sparky,  Florida’s famed electric chair and a long, long, long history of land swindles (swamp land for sale!). And let’s not forget the ‘stand your ground’ law. That all said, Pittman does not just focus on the crazies and the weird. While the state has more than its share of both some good and smart people have emerged and the author gives them their due.

The book is entertaining, informative and a warning to anyone contemplating moving to the Sunshine State.