2 thoughts on “Remembering 911

  1. We won’t. At least those of us who lived through it, won’t. As a New Yorker, I know it hit you even harder than it did the rest of us, but it was devastating. We are in the wedding industry and I have been surprised how many weddings that are taking place today. Those who were very young when it happened or who weren’t even born yet don’t understand the horror. My oldest daughter was 10. She gets it. My youngest was three. She doesn’t.

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    1. I was living in Florida back then, but it was still devastating. I’ve been to the WTC twice, both times to photograph. Like all Americans and even many others, it was an unbelievable real-life horror show. I think for people not born at the time, it will be like Pearl Harbor for many of us. It’s history and it was bad but there is no personal or emotional attachment like there is for people old enough to remember it at the time.

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