‘Tis The Season

It seems like there is hardly an author of crime novels who can resist the lure of writing a Chritmas themed novel. Agatha Christie (Hercule Poirot’s Christmas), George Simenon (A Maigret Christmas and Other Stories) Ed McBain (Sadie When She Died), and Robert B. Parker (SIlent Night) are among so many others who could not resist the temptation of writing a mystery/crime novel with a Chrisstmas theme.

This year I threw my own entry into the pot with the four story collection calle ‘Tis the Season.The four stories include tales about a hitman who hates the idea of killing people during the holidays, two brothers whose holiday reunion is in no way holly jolly, a shoplifter and the head of security who catches her, and finally a Christmas Eve revenge tale.

 So if you need a Christmas themed book with a deadly touch to read, ‘Tis the Season will filled your devilish holiday needs. Available as an eBook for 99 cents at Amazon.  

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