Misty’s Journey

Misty with Banana IMG_4609-002_fixedAbout two and a half months ago, we lost our beloved ten-year-old cat, Andre. Yesterday, we unexpectedly lost our senior cat, Misty. She was 18, most likely 19. We don’t know for sure.

Misty’s journey began in Maine. She belonged to my late brother-in-law, James. He was, like Dorothy, a big animal lover. One day, he went to a local shelter and asked which cat has been here the longest. They pointed out Misty. “I’ll take her,” he said. It almost didn’t happen when they tried to trim her nails before sending her off to her new home. She fought them, but it worked out, and Misty got herself a new home, and a new sister (Scarlet).

Misty-James Photo

Photo by my brother-in-law James 2003

The shelter guessed her age at the time James adopted her to be about two years old, but like with many cats, no one knew for sure; what was known is that Misty spent some time on the outside in Maine during the cold subfreezing winter months. The tips of her ears left an everlasting sign from the frostbite. It can be guessed that Misty had a home at one time because she showed no signs of being feral, but again it’s all conjecture.

Sadly, James passed way in March of 2005 at the age of 55. Before his death, we promised to take both of his cats. After an exciting plane ride down the East coast, Misty and Scarlet came to live with us in Florida and blended in nicely with our guys. After living through cold Maine winters, the warm Florida weather agreed with her; she loved the sun.

Msity DLM-0036

One of our last pictures of Misty – Photo by Dorothy Murray 

We had Misty for 13 years, and she was a gentle, sweet soul, and we are going to miss her.

Here are a couple of other photos


Misty (1 of 1)


14 thoughts on “Misty’s Journey

  1. Oh John…so sorry…It’s hard to loose a beloved friend…I have lost many. I always say, “No more. I’m done”…Then another one comes along that needs me and my help and…You know. They end up helping me more than I do them.
    Cheers Misty.


    1. Thank you, Paddy. You’re right even when you know the time is near, it is still hard. Thanks again.


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