Some Thoughts on Time

“Time Keeps on Slipping…” – Steve Miller Band


Is saying no rude? As I have gotten older and realize more and more how quickly time rushes by, and how little time remains, I am beginning to think that the greatest time saver is saying the word no. These two little letters can add up to minutes, hours and even days in one’s life that certainly can be put to more creative use. Even if it means wasting time. Paraphrasing John Lennon “time you enjoy wasting is not wasted.” Sometimes you need to rev up your creative juices by wasting time of your own choosing.

In life though, we are taught to be polite and saying no to invitations from family, friend, or professional acquaintances has always been viewed as just not nice. “Sorry, I rather be home writing, painting, photographing or doing any other creative endeavor than waste an afternoon playing golf or an evening out drinking. It sounds rude but in reality it is more a selfish behavior, and frankly I am not sure there is anything wrong with that. As long as you are being selfish for  a good reason.

Being creative is not a nine to five job. It happens whenever ideas or inspiration strike. There is no time table on the creative clock. You take your lead from the inspiration and ideas going on inside your brain as they occur. From there you create your own life’s course. Being creative makes you see things in life that others just pass by as mundane. As an artist your eyes pick up on things that others don’t see. Through your art, you express a vision, and ideas, in a unique way. It can happen at any time. You never know when it’s going to strike. Time is always a precious element in your creative process. You need to use it as you would any other tool on your palette.






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