Fall Season 2019


With the Labor Day weekend gone by it’s that time of the year where the arts rev up their motors and the Fall Season of films, theater, music, and books begin. This means it’s time again for my take on some of the books I look forward to reading during these final months of the year. These are just a few. I’m sure there are more to follow.


Available October 1st


Available November 19th


Available  October 22nd


Available  September 10th


Available September 10th



Available December 2nd

Stealth woods

Available October 15th

Shape of Night Gerritsen

Available October 1st


2 thoughts on “Fall Season 2019

  1. I love the Jesse Stone character. And just curious, is the photo of the books on the bench taken by you?


    1. And I can’t help visualizing Tom Selleck as Jesse when reading the books. The photo with the books on the bench is not mine. Found it online, but have no idea who the photographer is..


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