Fall Season 2018

fallThe unofficial end of summer and the beginning the fall season traditionally is the Labor Day Weekend.  Kids are back in school or soon will be, and the various arts begin to  release their upcoming films, music, and books. This all means it’s time again for my take on some of the books I most look forward to reading during these final months of the year. There are most likely some other releases that I am unaware of at this point that I would add to this list.  I hope so, I always like my ‘to read’ list to be high. Let’s hear what books you are looking forward to reading.


The latest Jesse Stone novel from Reed Farrel Coleman who has done an amazing job in keeping the spirit and style, and adding just a bit o his own, of Robert B. Parker alive. Available in September.


From Hard Case Crime, a 1946 art heist from a Boston Museum turns into a twisty ride for the thieves, the police and some former college students. Coming in October.


This sounds fascinating. A collection of short crime fiction inspired by the songs of the late Lou Reed. Available in early September.


My thanks to Facebook friends, James Thane and Erin Mitchell for bringing this book, and author, to my attention.  The story is set against the assassination o JFK  which spiked my interest. Coming in October.


Author/Sportswriter Mike Lupica bring’s Robert B. Parker’s P.I. Sunny Randall back. Parker introduced Randall back in 1999 with Family Honor. Five more books in the series followed before Parker passed away in 2010. Parker’s other long running series Spenser, Jesse Stone, and Virgil and Everett have all continued  with commissioned authors Ace Atkins, Reed Farrel Coleman and Robert Knott respectively carrying on the torch. Now Sunny is back.  On bookshelves this coming November.


Harry Bosch meets Renee Ballard in master Michael Connelly’s latest. Due October 30th.


Crime ridden dark tales from the Sunshine State with John D. MacDonald, Lawrence Block, Tim Dorsey, Reed Farrel Coleman, Craig Pittman and others. Available in September.


My guilty pleasure of the season. Coming in October.



Another dig into the crime archives brings Oakley Hall’s  So Many Doors back into print after almost 60 years. Coming from Hard Case in November.



From the man who brought you All the President’s Men now brings his sharp focus and reporting skills exposing the chaos of the first years of Trump’s White House. Due in September.



Lisa Brennan-Jobs memoir of growing up the daughter of Steve Jobs and artist ChrisAnn Brennan.  Due early September.

4 thoughts on “Fall Season 2018

    1. Thanks Pam. Woodward’s book comes out next week. I am sure you have heard or read about some of the excerpts from the book that have come out and have been all over the news. I am going to check out your blog recommendation right now.

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