Summer Reading 2018

Okay, though the title states Summer Reading, some of these titles have recently been published. That said, here are a few the books I am looking forward to reading over the coming months, if I don’t get sidetracked by other recently published books that I am currently not aware of and really get excited about. You probably know how that can easily happen. You plan on reading one book and another pops up that is a must read right now! Most of the books on the list are crime/suspense/mystery reads (no surprise). I also included a collection of short stories and a film book. Feel free to let me know what you are reading or plan to read.

Old Black Magic

I am always doubtful when another author takes over a series by an author who has passed on. Generally, it’s best to let the series be. Robert B. Parker’s estate, like a few others, decided to continue  with three of Parker’s most beloved characters: Spenser, Jessie Stone, and Vigil Cole and Everett Hitch, each with their own author.  Old Black Magic is Ace Atkins seventh Spenser book and the author captures Parker’s style as close as possible. I have enjoyed his previous works in the series, and am looking forward to reading the latest which came out on May 1st.

The Neighbor

I am currently reading Joseph Souza’s latest, and have read enough of it, half at this point to tell you The Neighbor will keep you up past your bedtime. We have two narrators, husband  and wife who have different views of the truth, and both with secrets to hide. This is a story filled with twists  upon twists making you question whose truth to believe, and how well do you know your spouse, yourself and your neighbors. Everyone has  secrets, and if exposed…

A dark psychological thriller. Now available.

Kill Devil Falls

Not familiar with this author or book, but came by it from author June Lorraine Roberts  in her review over at her website, Murder in Common. You can read it here. Available now.


From what I understand,  Caddyshack: The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story is more than  another “making of “ book which lately have become rather common. Author Chris Nashawaty  provides a fabulous historical background on all the players and how they came together at a time when comedy was in flux. From Harvard’s National Lampoon and  Chicago’s Second City to Saturday Night Live and eventually the movies with Animal House and Caddyshack this book gives you the lowdownAvailable now.


From Hardcase Crime in July  comes Understudy for Death, a Charles Willeford novel that has not seen the light of day in almost sixty years. For those not familiar with Willeford, he is a master of  crime books with works like  Miami Blues and Sideswipe. Willeford’s books are  macabre and darkly funny, perfect for the offbeat crazy world of Florida noir.

Florida Lauren Groff

I have not read any previous books by Lauren Groff, but her work has received excellent reviews, and Florida a collection of short stories focusing on the strange, weird state filled with hurricanes, heat, humidity and enough odd characters to fill…well the entire state sounds like an intriguing read. Due date: June 5th.

Turbulance Jun 5

Stuart Woods is a light read, generally enjoyable, and a guilty pleasure. If you are in the mood not to think, but just enjoy, he might be for you. Lately, he has been pumping books out at three or four a year, and they have been uneven, still I have a soft spot for him. Available June 5th.

Money SHot Aug 7th

Another Stuart Woods book,  co-written by Parnell Hall. This features Teddy Fay, a supporting character who has evolved from Wood’s Stone Barrington series. Teddy Fay’s journey from the CIA to dangerous criminal to a Presidential pardon to working in the film industry for Stone’s son is hard to swallow, but he is friends with Stone,  and Barrington leads a charmed life; he’s rich, women are constantly willing to fall into bed with him, he’s friends with the President, and best friends with the  NYC Police Commissioner. Available August 5th.


11 thoughts on “Summer Reading 2018

      1. Of course. I respect your recommendations. “Speaking” of recommendations…I’m looking for something a little different…Something not as dark as what I usually gravitate towards, something more literary. Any suggestions?

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      2. While not literary per se, I would recommend Lou Berney’s Long and Far Away Gone reviewed here:
        There is something about this book that caught me. Also Chris Bohjalian is very literary – try Guest Room which I have read and his new one The Flight Attendant is classified as a thriller (haven’t read that one)

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      3. Okay. Great. I’ll get all three. I just picked up Nick Harkaway’s Angelmaker today. It’s a Sci-Fi/Noir/ Thriller. Usually I don’t go for Sci-Fi but this is lighthearted and well written with some dark overtones. I think I’m going to like it. Thanks.

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    1. Pam, These days I am reading mostly crime/suspense/mystery and some non-fiction when in the mood. 🙂 Lauren Groff’s Florida which I mention in the post I think falls more in line with literary, though as I wrote, I am not familiar with her earlier work. Sorry, I cannot be of more help.

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  1. You have some quite diverse choices John. As I spend several months in Florida, perhaps I should add Groff’s book to my list. I read some of the Stone Barrington series quite a while ago. Thanks also for the link to Murder in Common!

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  2. Wonderful blog you got here 🙂 I see you are a big fan of thrillers. I am too, but then again I love all genres 🙂 The books listed here are fascinating; Charles Willeford’s Understudy for Death sounds fascinating especially since it has been unavailable for over sixty years. The Making of Caddyshack sounds interesting too. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂


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