Win a Free Copy of My Book “Devious Tales”

devious-tales-book-cover-final-1-of-1I am giving away 12 copies of my new book, Devious Tales: 12 Short Stories.  Winners will receive the PDF version of the paperback edition which contains two bonus stories. Below are the simple rules…

  1. E-mail me at In the subject line type Book Contest. Provide your email address. I will send you a PDF file that can be downloaded to your PC, I-Pad or other device, along with a JPEG file of the book’s cover.
  2. I strongly encourage you to write an honest, and I do mean honest, review and post it either on Amazon, Goodreads and Blog if you have one. All three would the best scenario.  That said, the recipient is not obligated to write a review, but hey, that’s why I am sending you the book.
  3. If you do have a blog and write a review, please send a link back to me.

That’s  all there is to it.

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