Longmire is Back!

longmire-htmWalt Longmire, portrayed wonderfully by Australian actor Robert Taylor, rides again this month with a doubleheader for fans of the sturdy Gary Cooper type sheriff of Absaroka County. Despite Taylor being from half way around the world he sounds and looks like a true westerner.

longmire-109-425x283On September 13th, Viking Press published  author Craig Johnson’s 12th book in the Walt Longmire Series. In An Obvious Fact we find Walt investigating a hit and run motorcycle accident near Devil’s Tower that may not be an simple as it first looks.

But wait, there’s more! on Sept 23rd, Netflix releases Season 5 of the tv series. Originally broadcast on the A&E network, the show had a dedicated following. After three seasons the station cancelled the show. A huge write-in campaign from hard core fans could not persuade A&E to change its mind. Happily, Netflix was listening and picked up the series for season 4. Now they are releasing season 5 this coming week (Sept. 23rd).

Taylor is extremely well supported by Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry Standing Bear,  Katee Sackhoff as Victoria “Vic” Moretti, Adam Bartley as Ferg, Cassidy Freeman as Cady Longmire and A Martinez as Jacob Nighthorse.

My wife and I have been rewatching, actually for my wife it’s new, the first four seasons and will be ready to join, Walt, Vic, Ferg and Henry on their latest crime scenes later this month which, by the looks of the recently released trailer, will be filled with action, an anticipated romance, loyalty and betrayal.

if you haven’t caught the Longmire fever, now is a good time to  start.

Below is the trailer.


4 thoughts on “Longmire is Back!

  1. Have not gotten the book yet, but will. It’ been great watching all the shows again, especially with my wife who never saw them before and now has become a fan.


  2. I caught up with the series when it was halfway through the second season. Hooked immediately. I could not believe A&E cancelled the program after that incredible 3rd season with the outstanding performance from Bailey Chase.

    Thanks heavens for Netflix – well, actually “Longmire” is the only pleasure I get out of it, but anyway – thank heavens for Netflix.

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