Sand Sculpture at the Beach

Festival CW-3687

   The annual Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival (runs through April 24th) at Clearwater Beach is  currently on exhibit on the beach under a 21,000 square foot tent. Inside you will find tons of Clearwater sand, sculpted into art by ten sand sculptor artists from all over the world. Every year there is a specific theme. Last year it was animation. This year, “a musical journey through the decades while celebrating America’s greatest music legends and hits,”  as it states on the flyer. One problem I noticed with that statement, and its minor because all the music artists in the exhibit are worth celebrating, however, a few of the sand sculpted musicians  are not American like The Who and Bob Marley. 

Janis Joplin-CW-3638That said, the work is amazing and a great many musicians from different decades are represented. It took the artists about two weeks to complete. Unfortunately, the artists names were not assigned to each individual work.

Beach Boys-CW-3649


Miles and Ray-3681



BB KINGl CW-3683




Jerry Lee_CW-3659




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